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Single diamond necklaces

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Single diamond necklaces

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  • Tahir Aliyev

    My wife saw PIERRE in Instagram. She really liked your website, and, therefore, she gave me a hint about where I can go to buy jewelry. There were no doubts and uncertainties; all ...

    Tahir Aliyev

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FAQ about Single diamond necklaces in Singapore

Where can I find high-quality single diamond necklaces in Singapore?

You can find high-quality single diamond necklaces at "Pierre Jewellery," a reputable jewelry store in Singapore known for its exquisite collection of diamond jewelry.

Are there any particular diamond cuts that are trendy for single diamond necklaces?

Trendy diamond cuts for single diamond necklaces in Singapore often include the classic round brilliant cut for its timeless appeal and the princess cut for its modern and elegant look.

How do I care for and clean a single diamond necklace to maintain its sparkle and beauty?

To maintain the sparkle and beauty of your single diamond necklace, gently clean it with a soft brush, warm soapy water, and a lint-free cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and store it separately to prevent scratches. Periodic professional cleaning and inspection at a reputable jeweler like "Pierre Jewellery" can also help keep your necklace in pristine condition.
Prices for Single diamond necklaces in Singapore
Diamond Heart Necklace in 18K White Gold S$173,500.00
Diamond Heart Necklace in 18K Rose Gold S$173,500.00
Rhombus Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Necklace Yellow Gold S$111,557.00
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☑ Products quantity in the catalog 13
☑ The cheapest product price S$96,650.00
☑ The most expensive product price S$157,700.00