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Round Diamond Engagement Rings

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Round Diamond Engagement Rings

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Three-Stone Diamond Ring

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White gold 18K, White diamond
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  • Yuriy

    I found PIERRE in the web. I liked their designs, website, and the work of their staff with the customers. Excellent result! I really like the engagement ring I ordered!


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FAQ about Round Diamond Engagement Rings in Singapore

What is the best ring style for a round diamond?

The best ring style for a round diamond is a solitaire setting. Solitaire settings are timeless and elegant, allowing the round diamond to take center stage and maximize its brilliance. Other popular options for round diamonds include halo settings (for added sparkle) and three-stone settings (symbolizing past, present, and future). Ultimately, the best style depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic.

Is 4 or 6 prongs better for round diamond?

The choice between 4 or 6 prongs for a round diamond depends on personal preference. Four prongs maximize brilliance, while six prongs offer extra security.

What setting makes a round diamond look biggest?

To make a round diamond look its biggest, choose a halo, pavé, bezel, hidden halo, or east-west setting to enhance its appearance and add perceived size.
Prices for Round Diamond Engagement Rings in Singapore
Classic Diamond Ring with One Diamond in Yellow Gold S$88,532.00
Round diamond 6-prong engagement ring in Yellow Gold S$87,102.00
Reversed Prong Style Round Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold S$87,102.00
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