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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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Rose gold
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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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Square Black Diamond Ring Rose Gold

Price: S$122,500.00 Add to Bag
Rose gold 18K, Color diamond, Black diamond
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Customer reviews for Rose Gold Engagement Rings

  • Vitaliy and Anna

    I was looking for wedding rings. And only these models catched me. They are classy and very nice. We are very happy. You exceeded our expectations. Especially from men’s ring.

    Vitaliy and Anna
  • Vladimir and Polina Shubayevy

    I gave it to her. Polina was excited about my gift. I liked it so much as well. Thanks once again!

    Vladimir and Polina Shubayevy

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FAQ about Rose Gold Engagement Rings in Singapore

Can engagement rings be rose gold?

Yes, engagement rings can be made with rose gold. Rose gold is a popular and trendy choice for engagement rings, known for its romantic and warm appearance. It complements a variety of gemstones and can be crafted into various styles, making it a versatile and beautiful option for engagement ring settings.

Do rose gold engagement rings tarnish?

Rose gold engagement rings do not tarnish. However, like all metals, they can show signs of wear over time due to exposure to oils, lotions, and everyday activities. The appearance of a rose gold ring can change slightly as it develops a patina, but this is a natural process that adds character to the metal. To restore the original shine, you can have the ring professionally cleaned and polished by a jeweler.

How popular are rose gold engagement rings?

Rose gold engagement rings have grown in popularity in recent years and are considered a trendy and fashionable choice. Their unique and romantic appearance, with a warm pinkish hue, appeals to many individuals who appreciate a distinctive and non-traditional look for their engagement rings. While they may not be as common as white gold or yellow gold, rose gold engagement rings are widely available and have a significant presence in the jewelry market, reflecting their popularity among couples seeking something unique and romantic.
Prices for Rose Gold Engagement Rings in Singapore
Classic Diamond Ring with One Diamond in Rose Gold S$107,100.00
Reversed Prong Style Round Diamond Ring in Rose Gold S$107,100.00
18K Rose Gold Ring with Princess Cut Diamond S$111,550.00
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